Leather bags and Wearables – How to dry wet skin Fast!

Hopefully you're reading this before Leather bags, shoes, clothes, or gotten wet. However, if you have met the unfortunate position of holding a wet batteries on hand and wondering what to do, this article will give you some quick ideas to remedy the situation.

In the case where the item is stored somewhere at home and get wet without even knowing it, you will not be able to miss the smell of damp … damp skin smelling animal skins. Or, if you've ever worn leather items in the rain, you know very well that the smell, combined with pollution and other odd odors and even body odor, can smell like a rancid milk products.

The first step you need to take action when he noticed a damp leather to choose one of the following methods for drying wet items fast.

· a clean, dry cotton or flannel cloth to wipe down your leather items and try to remove as much moisture as possible. This section does not apply to any chemicals, compounds, soap or odor masking solutions to wet skin.

· Place your leather items outside to dry in the sun, but does not allow direct sunlight to shine in your bag or clothes, because the sun can make the skin cracks and wear out faster. If there is no sun that day, you can also make the skin product to dry outside air.

· If you are very careful, it is a hand-held hair dryers quickly dry the wet skin. Just remember not to get too close to the drying of the skin and does not let the skin burn. A hairdryer low degree heat will help the moisture to evaporate more quickly; so the skin does not present because of the weight of moisture.

To retain the leather garment original state, or even restore leather shoes and boots to be worn condition after having been exposed to a humid environment or unfortunate encounter rain or snow, apply a skin conditioner. You can use either a product or a spray conditioner to rub into the skin. Linseed oil, a high quality character, and not alternative, restores the oil from the skin, which is necessary in order to regain the original texture and feel.

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